Funny name, powerful principle. This is for real, an energy we can all tap into.

There is a little known secret about Popeye. With all due respect to the spinach industry and to the many wonders of that marvelous leafy green,  he didn’t get that Pluto-pounding amazing energy of his from spinach.  The truth is, he didn’t even get it from that dazzling beauty, Olive Oyl.


The secret lies in his song. Go past the intro, the first 45 seconds or so, then listen closely as Popeye sings out his secret.  The secret comes in the first 20 seconds of his song. Well, it’s in the title actually.


Who else, besides Popeye, endorses the “I yam what I yam” principle?

Well, for starters, God, in the old testament bible, book of exodus. When Moses asked God what is his name, He answered, “I am that I am”.  So Popeye is in good company.

There are many energy experts and teachers who advocate this principle.  But before I share with you who some of them are, you’d probably like to know what’s so awesome about this “I yam what I yam”.

In short, it is a bold statement of one’s existence – without the need for any judgement, explanation, wanna be’s or should be’s.  It is simply, “I am”. It’s pure presence. Many spiritual practitioners work for a lifetime to achieve that realization, being without an ego attached.  Look at what Ramana Maharshi, one of the great spiritual adepts of modern India had to say about “I am that I am”:

“I am” is the name of God. Of all the definitions of God, none is indeed so well put as the Biblical statement “I am that I am” in Exodus (Chapter 3). There are other statements, such as Brahmivaham, Aham Brahmasmi, and Soham. But none is so direct as the name Jehovah = I am. Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talk 106, page 102.

When we cut through all of the endless descriptions of ourselves, feeling we should be, or trying to be a certain way, a certain kind of person we shed all of the conflict within us, the self-judgement, the fears, etc.  We release, at least for the moment, all of that busy-ness of the ego, our usual sense of identity, and we simply are.

In releasing all of that, tremendous energy is freed up. It’s really quite amazing how much energy we tie up in the largely unconscious process of continually creating our identity – who we are, who we think we should be, who we’re not, who we’re afraid we might be…

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Exercise Ain’t Nothin’ New!

This is an article from the 1899 San Francisco Call.

Reminds me a little of the kettle bells you see people swinging around in gyms today.  Actually, I think it’s even cooler. The lady is wearing a pretty stylish workout outfit too! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to get those pins she’s swinging around. Her’s came from India. (Maybe they’re still available – lots of things haven’t changed much in India in the last hundred years.)  Here’s a little of the text that you probably can’t make out here:

THIS is the way to get hungry for breakfast,
said Miss Millar, deftly picking up two Indian
clubs and swinging them lightly over her head.
— “Get up at 7 and try this rotary motion, with varia
tions—like this — and your appetite will be all right
by half past.
Think of it! A half hour’s vigorous exercise before
breakfast every morning! Those who would be
nimble and youthful  in spite of Father Time must
forswear the last sweet nap and the leisurely ease of
the rocking chair tor the crisp morning and the
swinging of Indian dubs! So easy to contemplate ?
so hard to do!

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Can Coconut Oil Give You Energy?

I suppose the top expert to ask this question would be Dr. Bruce Fife, after all, he is the head of the Conconut Research Center.

Here’s the bio on Dr. Fife:

Dr. Bruce Fife is a naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist, and is the director of the southern Colorado chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to nutritional education. He is currently the president of the Coconut Research Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and the scientific community on the nutritional and health benefits of coconut oil. He has written numerous health and nutrition books, including The Coconut Oil Miracle, The Palm Oil  Miracle, Coconut Lover’s Cookbook, Cooking with Coconut Flour: A Delicious Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Alternative to Wheat and Eat Fat, Look Thin. He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For more information, visit the Coconut Research Center at

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The Cause of CFS Finally Discovered?

viruses It’s a virus, a retro-virus at that. Well, that’s what some researchers are speculating. And they do have some interesting evidence.

I can’t help thinking it’s not going to be this simple. But I was wrong once before (years ago, of course) ;-) , and even if this isn’t the cause, it may be a part of the story. Of course they haven’t developed a cure for the virus, yet. But at least it presents a target to aim at.

Here’s the story from NPR:

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Healthy Coffee?!

Ganoderma 2-IN-1™ Classic Cafe Style Black Coffee

Coffee?!  Ahhh, coffee.  There is a raging debate in natural health circles as to whether coffee is evil, harmless, or a wonderfully beneficial herb.


I’m going to come down firmly on the side of…  “it depends”.   It depends on how your body responds to coffee, naturally.  I can hardly tolerate it anymore myself, too acid and irritating.  It also depends on how much you drink.  And it depends on what kind of coffee you’re drinking.  Latte’s with sugar, caramel syrup and a big dollop of whipped cream probably are not going to be a real healthy energizer.  There are some interesting health properties being discovered in the mighty coffee bean.  But at the same time, there’s a lot of potential problems, including, for some people, the problem of becoming habituated to the bean, so it doesn’t give you any kick after awhile.

Ultimately, I think for some people, good quality coffee (preferrably organic, shade grown, etc.) in moderation can be ok.  It’s not going to have the health supporting effects or smooth and balanced energy you might get from a good ginseng, or a nice adaptogenic blend of herbs, but it may help at times without doing much harm.   So I’m listing a couple of coffees with a healthy twist, a little extra assurance that it will do no harm, and maybe even help out a little.

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“Blast Off” from VRP

blast off Blast Off caps

A Perfect Launch!

“Blast Off”, from VRP, an extremely high quality formulator of natural supplements, really does give you the perfect energy boost.  At least in my experience, this is one product that never lets you down (nor does it ever give you too much of a boost – it’s never made me jittery, wired, or left me crashing off a cliff as it wears off).

Yes, it does have caffeine.  So if you are a true purist, or just can’t tolerate any caffeine, this may not be your perfect launch.  But the amount of caffeine is way less than a cup of coffee’s worth, and it’s the formula, the synergistic affect of all the ingredients working together that is the big deal here.  Because of the formula, what else is working besides the caffeine, I don’t really feel the caffeine.  I just feel a remarkably smooth boost of energy, mood, and ability to get my work done.

I often say that the same thing isn’t going to work for everyone, it usually doesn’t work for the same person all of the time.  Different people have different needs, and each one of us has different needs at different times.  So I can never say “This will work for you,” with absolute certainty.  Still, for me, “Blast Off” is one of very few products that does seem to work consistently, every time I use it.

The other ingredients include yerba mate, an alkalizing herb that is used as a popular tea in South America (and more and more so in N. America).  Yerba mate has an impressive list of health benefits, and is another smooth but potent energizer.

Next in this ingenious formula is a group of amino acids – tyrosine, phenylalinine, and pyroglutamic acid.  Amino acids, you probably know, are the building blocks of protein.  Some of them are also very important in the building of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Tyrosine is said to enhance alertness and wakefulness, a couple of my favorite things (especially when I can hardly keep my eyes open after a way to short night of sleep).

Pyroglutamic acid – that sounds like rocket fuel, doesn’t it – is said to be good for circulation.  And l-phenylalanine, along with the Tyrosine, supports a healthy ‘response to stress’.

I think balancing the caffeine and yerba mate with the amino acids is what makes it such a smooth boost of energy. It’s doing more than just jangling your nerves, it’s actually supporting your brain and stress levels in healthy ways.  At least that’s my theory.

The bottom line is this is a very nice, health supporting product that, for me anyway, gives an almost perfect energy boost without negative side effects.

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Don’t Lose Faith

If I had to sum up all that I’ve learned on the trail hunting for good energy that would probably be how I’d distill the sum total of the wisdom I’ve found: “Don’t lose faith.”

sun behind cloudsIt seems kind of funny, since I’ve never considered myself particularly faithful.  I’m more of a skeptic, I think, by nature, or maybe just by conditioning (what I learned growing up).  I like to see things proven, show me a good ol’ double blind placebo controlled clinical trial, tell me what ultimate expert says so, put the proof on the table.  (Of course none of those   ultimately proves anything, but I’m a product of the scientific mind-set that thinks we can find the ultimate truth through more and more rigorous methods of experimentation. Admittedly, it’s an outmoded mind-set, even for a scientist.)

But now, “Don’t lose faith”  seems the one overwhelming guiding principal I can’t doubt. I suspect it’s probably a pretty good plan in all areas of life, but in terms of energy hunting, it is without question the most important thing.  It’s what keeps you going, until you find what works for you.  What gives you the good energy you need may not always be the same thing, you may have to find different ‘treasures’ for different times, when you have different needs.  And it certainly won’t always be what works for someone else.  I can say though, after having researched and tested literally hundreds of different ways to enhance our energy, I’m completely convinced (with even more certainty than a double blind, placebo controlled study could provide) that there is something that will work for everyone.

That is my faith, and it has proven true in my own case. Believe me, I’ve seemed a pretty hopeless guy at times.  I used to be called “Groover”, because I was so ‘cool’ (aka tired) I would actually fall asleep at parties.  During the daytime, I’d often close the door to my office and lie down on the floor and go to sleep.

This principal, “keeping the faith”, I’ve come to realize, is really the main reason for my doing this blog; I’d like to get rich, or even just make a modest living, too, of course.  But communicating that one idea, and  giving you reasons not to lose faith, showing  you that there is hope, is really even more important to me than accumulating more of that magical form of energy we call money. Believe it or not, it’s true.

I’m not a religious fundamentalist or fanatic of any kind, but it does seem to me we can sometimes find good wisdom in all traditions. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Christ said:  “I tell you if you had faith … you might say to this mountain  ‘Depart hence’, and it would go and nothing would be impossible to you.”
  • Buddha taught there are “64,000 different ways” to reach enlightenment, meaning ‘keep the faith’, everyone  can get there.
  • In Hinduism it is said:  ‘Shraddhaavaan labhathe jnaanam’—”he who has faith can win liberation through jnaana.”  (jnaana is knowing)

So maybe there’s something to this “faith” business.  From the energy treasure hunter’s point of view, maybe it can lead us to enough good energy to move mountains, attain enlightenment, and be totally liberated!  At the least, I’m sure, it can help keep us going until we reach our own treasure of good energy.

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So, How Many ‘Energy Thieves’ Are There?

Hundreds, thousands…


Well, one very rich medical information site – – lists a mere 2,495 causes of fatigue! Continue reading

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The Amazing Adaptogens – a Gift of Balance and Energy

The Quick Look:

ginseng plant


What is it?
Adaptogens – Ginseng, Rhodiola, ‘Siberian Ginseng’, American Ginseng, Holy Basil, Licorice, Ashwagandha, and several others.

What’s it do?

Adaptogens have amazing abilities to enhance energy. They help Continue reading

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She’s Only 106, But She Knows the Secret of Good Energy!


Florence Tuckman knows one of the biggest secrets to having good energy. “When you’re happy, you feel your body being taken over. You feel this joy taking over. And there’s no greater gift than that” she said. Joy and gratitude. It’s now wonder the Glendale News Press (photo by Alex Collins) reports that though she’s lived through the Great Depression and so much more, she’s always retained her “positive energy”.

Continue reading

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